“What do we mean by ‘leave it clean?’”

You should leave the unit neat and tidy. But that’s too vague for a lot of us, so to make things easy for you, we’ve created a checklist for what we mean by “leave it clean.” We’ll be by to change the linens and mow the lawn, wash the floor and bathrooms before the next guests arrive, but if you haven’t left the unit looking clean and tidy as explained below, it may be necessary for us to deduct a cleaning fee from your deposit.*

• Run and empty the dishwasher, putting dishes away.
• Please wipe up any drips and spills.
• Empty the fridge of anything that you wouldn’t eat if you found it there from a prior guest (condiments can stay). A quick wipe is appreciated.
• Sweep.
• Wash and put away all kitchen and bathroom linens.

Laundry Room/Area
• Remove your laundry from the chute and the basket! (Maggie’s Retreat).
• Put away laundry soap/ironing board/etc.

• Remove all toiletries.
• No dirty towels, please.

Family Room & Living Room
• Vacuum.
• Return the books to the shelves.
• Tidy up.

• Remove sheets and wash as many as you can, but please let us make the beds.
• Place dirty sheets in laundry chute or laundry room.
• Remove your clothes from closets and drawers.
• Vacuuming is always appreciated.

*Cleaning fees are a minimum of $100 and up to the full deposit if the unit is left filthy. Cleanliness is a top priority when we ready a unit for the next guests.